Citizens’ Parking Woes: The High Cost of Commuting

Citizens’ Parking Woes: The High Cost of Commuting

Parking problems are an ongoing concern for the citizens of Cyprus, and one particular complaint resonates with countless working individuals. A frustrated citizen recently voiced their concerns regarding the exorbitant parking costs they face daily in Thessaloniki Street, raising a pertinent question: “Where will we go when an ordinary citizen wants to pay €9 every day to go to work?

A Cry for Affordable Parking

The citizen’s concerns reflect a common issue faced by many employees who are burdened with high parking costs. When €9 per day for parking translates into a staggering €200 per month, it becomes evident that these expenses can take a substantial toll on personal finances

Seeking a Solution

The frustrated cry for change in parking affordability brings to light an essential issue—where are the responsible parties ensuring fair and reasonable pricing? In an environment where parking rates are seemingly determined without regulation, citizens are feeling the financial strain.

uPark’s Solution: Joining Hands for Affordable Parking

At uPark, we are committed to addressing these challenges and bringing about a change that benefits everyone. We believe that the solution is collective and invite the citizens of Cyprus who own parking spaces to collaborate with us. By installing uPark’s smart parking sensor technology, you can contribute to providing affordable and accessible parking in Cyprus.

The Sharing Economy in Parking

Just like Airbnb transformed the hospitality industry, uPark aims to revolutionize parking by embracing the sharing economy model. By sharing your parking spot at an affordable rate, more people can access convenient parking, and you can earn extra income in the process.

Making Cyprus’s Parking Future Bright: uPark’s Vision

At uPark, we believe in progress and innovation, and our mission is to bring about a positive transformation in parking in Cyprus. We understand the frustration of citizens grappling with high parking costs and have a comprehensive plan to address these concerns.

Changing the Parking Landscape

Our vision extends beyond just addressing the complaints; we aim to revolutionize parking with a proactive approach that benefits everyone. 

Collaborative Parking Solutions

We invite the citizens of Cyprus who own parking spaces to join us in installing smart parking sensors, making parking more accessible and affordable. By embracing a sharing economy model for parking, we can collectively reshape the parking landscape in Cyprus.

Sustainable and Affordable Parking

uPark is committed to creating a new era of parking in Cyprus. Our forthcoming parking facilities will include charging stations to promote electric vehicles and reduce emissions. We’ll offer covered parking, prioritizing convenience and comfort. Additionally, our commitment to inclusivity means free parking for up to 3 hours for disabled individuals. For quick stops, we’ll provide 15 minutes of free parking.


Our vision is a bold step towards creating a sustainable, clean, and affordable parking ecosystem in Cyprus. To make this vision a reality, uPark is actively seeking serious investors and optimal parking locations. With your support, we can revolutionize parking, reduce costs, and create a greener, more accessible future for all.