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Empower your parking with Intelligent Solutions

uPark helps you ensure adequate and comfortable parking for your employees, creates a new potential source of revenue outside of office hours, and allows you to demonstrate your contribution to sustainability.

Simple parking contracts

Additional revenue stream

Great CSR opportunity

Finding adequate parking for employees is a challenge

While the business hubs of Cyprus, such as Limassol, continue to flourish due to more companies setting up operations in the city, the parking infrastructure remains unchanged. More offices mean more talent needed to support them and, subsequently, more drivers looking for parking in already overcrowded central neighborhoods.

Due to rapid growth in the business sector, not all companies can secure office space with adequate employee parking facilities. In such cases, company owners resort to looking for parking rentals in the surrounding neighborhoods. Due to the poor and outdated parking infrastructure, this process is complex and overpriced to set up.

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Turn your parking into an additional revenue stream

With parking in high demand across Cyprus cities, offices with self-owned parking can turn it into an additional revenue stream with uPark. 

By installing a uPark sensor on each parking spot, it is automatically converted to digital and can be made available for rent through our City Portal application. With office parking used only during working hours, this will not only become your additional revenue stream but also help Cyprus reduce the CO2 emissions.


Secure parking for your employees with one click

By consolidating all smart parking spots of Cyprus in one easy-to-use platform, the uPark City Portal allows you to easily reserve parking for short and long-term stays. This means that every single one of your employees will be able to have suitable parking that is reserved for their use during work hours.

Ready to transform your company's parking strategy and unlock new possibilities?

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