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Share your opinion and help us solve the Cyprus parking problem

At uPark, our mission is to provide citizens of Cyprus with efficient alternatives to make their parking experience smooth and flawless. This public survey is an essential piece of the puzzle to understand what drivers in Cyprus think about the current parking situation and identify possible ways for improvement. 

66% of the Cyprus population will live in urban areas by 2050. Additionally, a 2021 Eurostat report showed that Cyprus ranks 3rd for car ownership in Europe, with 645 cars per thousand inhabitants. As traffic levels continue to grow, the adverse impact of inefficient planning and miscalculations in parking spaces is already affecting the main cities of Cyprus. With further projected growth, there is an unprecedented need to act today and prevent this from further escalation. 

The survey has now been completed with more than 1000 resident participants. We would like to thank everyone for sharing your opinion with us. 

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