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Help us reduce CO2 emissions in Cyprus

A recent case study has shown that implementing a smart parking solution can lead to a 30% reduction in harmful emissions. 

Lower emissions

Reduced engine idling

Low emission zones

" Parking lies at the intersections of our environment and the transportation networks that support our daily routines. Smart Parking presents an overseen yet unique opportunity for a more sustainable Cyprus while driving a positive change in both areas. "

Malin Petkov - CEO of Global Hotspot Network, parent company behind uPark

Smart parking has the ability to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%

A single digitalized parking space can save up to 7 tons of CO2 per year. A smart parking pilot of 300 parking spaces can save up to 2100 tons of CO2, and a 500 parking spaces pilot up to 3500 tons of CO2 yearly.

Every single vehicle further contributes to pollution when it is stationary and with an idle engine. The Smart Sensor used in our solution is the only sensor in the market capable of detecting engine idling. With uPark you will be able to enforce engine idling bans and further decrease pollution.

The robustness of the technology behind uPark, allows it to establish, implement and monitor various environmental policies such as Low-Emission Zones (LEZ) while allowing for emission-based parking charges.

Help us make Cyprus greener

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