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Smart parking for Smart Cities

The technology powering the uPark solution has been designed and developed using funding obtained from the European Union Horizon project and can facilitate Cyprus’s transition towards a more sustainable future. 

Increase parking revenue

Reduce parking violations

Reduce CO2 emissionns

Cyprus requires a smart solution to prevent the parking problem from further escalation

Quantifying the problem

Having physically inspected nearly 1000 municipal parking spots, we found that 65% of those are occupied and close to 90% unpaid. Using this as a reference sample, we can quantify the island-wide problem as follows: 

Estimated number of municipal parking spots


Estimated annual revenue lost due to unpaid parking

Є 0 +
Lost every year

The time to act and solve the Cyprus parking problem is now

The traditional analog means of parking management, which have been operational in Cyprus for many years, fail to offer a working solution to today’s problem. The current methods have proven ineffective and are one of the actual contributors to the overall traffic problem.

With digitalization progressing across all domains and effectively solving complex problems, applying and leveraging innovative technology to solve the Cyprus parking problem is the way forward. Such solution must not only address the current issues but also pave the way for proactively identifying and preventing new future problems from arising.

How uPark can help you build a smarter parking infrastructure

Our solution is based on a simple yet logical approach to transitioning from analog to digital parking in Cyprus. We achieve this by installing specially designed sensors operating on the low-cost LoRaWaN network on every municipal parking space. Each sensor works in real-time and transmits critical data to the primary database, where it can be processed, analyzed, and used to execute effective parking management while significantly improving the parking experience of the public.


Remotely manage all public parking services, collect payments, and monitor key statistics and parking violations.


Reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and put Cyprus on the map as a sustainable country that cares about a greener future.

Individual drivers

Locate, reserve, and pay for parking in real-time, eliminating the time lost searching for an available parking.

Road Safety

Improve road and pedestrian safety by ensuring no vehicles are parked in dangerous zones.


Why chose uPark as the primary solution for Cyprus?

While digitalization can yield unparalleled benefits in almost every domain, achieving a meaningful impact depends on its level of adoption and standardization. uPark will only serve the citizens of Cyprus to its full capacity if adopted island-wide and would like to underline the following benefits of our solution in this regard:

Are you ready to join others who chose this technology to make their cities smarter?

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