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Make your parking more profitable

Converting your parking business to digital with uPark reduces operational costs, gives the power to manage the parking remotely, and significantly improves the overall customer experience.

Reduce operational costs

Manage parking remotely

Reduce CO2 emissionns

No cash? No parking?

A typical private parking lot in Cyprus always involves an on-site employee monitoring and collecting payments. These payments are made in cash, usually coins. The driver pays a fixed fee of EUR 2-3 and is entitled to park for any duration within the same day. Subsequently, no cash? No parking.

As a private and profit-orientated business, parking operators must keep operational costs at a minimum while keeping customer experience at the maximum. Is this the case in what we described above? The answer is simple, no.

Grow your business and offer a great customer experience with uPark

The uPark smart parking solution is designed specifically for the Cyprus market and helps you transition to a more sustainable and profitable parking business. 

No employees

With uPark you will no longer require any on-site personnel to manage the parking and collect payments.

Higher profit

Set your own hourly rates and collect payments digitally and instantly through the uPark mobile application.

Stay open 24/7

Keep your private parking operational on autopilot 24 hours a day and boost your annual revenue.

You are one smart sensor away from a more profitable business

To convert your parking to digital with uPark, you must install a smart sensor on every parking spot in your lot. Each sensor is extremely low in cost to maintain and does all the work on your behalf. uPark smart sensors monitor who parks where and for how long, while our central app City Portal, processes this data and charges the customer.

Ready to elevate your parking with smart solutions?

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