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Creating a sustainable future for Cyprus

At uPark, we are committed to developing smart mobility solutions to help Cyprus transform its cities into more sustainable urban areas that benefit municipalities, the private sector, and individual drivers.

On a mission to eliminate all parking problems in Cyprus

Our top priority is to offer sustainable and sufficient parking solutions that can reduce traffic and emissions, provide awareness of free parking places, and overall are friendly to the environment.


"Technology-empowered solutions have always been my passion"

Malin Petkov, Founder & CEO – uPark

Malin worked on various .net projects and greatly admired HNT technology (Helium Network). As a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), he has always kept pace with changing technologies and adopted the latest trends. To meet his client’s demands, Malin discovered LoRaWAN® technology and was fascinated by the endless use cases it can offer to any industry in the world. Motivated by the positive impact he can help achieve in different sectors, in late 2021, he founded GHNL Global Hotspot Network Limited and its first solution – uPark.

uPark brings together a diverse group of partners and contributors from different backgrounds

Maria Mavri

Legal Advisor

Maria brings her legal expertise to uPark, assisting the company with day-to-day activities, contracting and corporate matters. She is leading a Cyprus-based law firm Μ. Κ. ΜΑΥΡΗ Δ.Ε.Π.Ε.

Alex Theodorou

Marketing Partner

Alex brings his strong analytical and business mindset to uPark. Having 7+ years of experience in marketing, he is always ready to take on a new challenge and solve complex commercial problems. He currently co-runs a marketing agency Brandble.

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