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Parking experience your clients will not forget!

uPark allows you to create a positive customer parking experience from the moment they arrive at your facility to the moment they leave. Whether you operate an airport, hospital, or supermarket, our solution will give you full control over the start and the end of your customer’s journey. 

Improve customer experience

Improve revenue streams

Reduce CO2 emissionns

Customer parking has a direct impact on your business

In operating a large public facility, customer experience is critical in how your customers perceive your business. While most public facilities offer adequate parking spaces to their clients, they still follow the traditional analog approach and have no control over their experience.

Whether you operate an airport, a mall, or a hospital, 95% of such parking lots in Cyprus still use the traditional, analog approach to parking provision. Their customers are still forced to drive around until they find an available stop. Most importantly, under this approach, you have almost no control over their experience arriving and leaving the facility.

uPark ensures that your customers arrive happy and leave happy

uPark smart parking solution allows you to enhance your parking by going digital and, most importantly, gives you complete control over your customers’ parking experience at your premises. Our solution is equally applicable to various types of public facilities such as:





City Malls


Concert Halls

Private Clinics

Retail Stores




Both you and your customers will enjoy complete control over parking

Real-time parking map

With uPark, customers can view the parking availability in real-time and plan their visit before they leave their homes.

Parking reservations

Your most loyal customers will not only be able to reserve a parking spot before their arrival but even book their own for longer terms.


With inadequate parking contributing to close to 30% more CO2, your business can help Cyprus transition to a greener future.

Why choose uPark as the primary solution for your business?

uPark smart parking solution is specifically designed to serve the needs of the Cyprus drivers and parking infrastructure. Converting your parking to digital is extremely easy and only requires an installation of our smart sensors and access to the City Portal. All our sensors are extremely low in maintenance and have a useful life of 10+ years. Our solution allows you to enjoy:

Are you ready to improve your customers' experience?

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