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Stop wasting time looking for parking

The uPark mobile app saves the drivers time by allowing them to instantly locate, reserve, and pay for their parking spot in Cyprus. And it’s also great for the environment!

Eliminate time wasted
searching for parking

Allow drivers to reserve
parking on the go

Pay for parking based on
actual time parked

Parking should not be stress factor for the citizens of Cyprus

With traffic levels on a continuous rise and the lack of adequate parking management in the main towns of Cyprus has become a nuisance for all of their citizens. You may still get away with it if living in rural neighborhoods, but if you live and work in the city center, you definitely know what we are talking about here.

Every single day drivers in Cyprus waste their precious time, going around in circles trying to find an available parking spot. In many cases, they have no choice but to resort to parking illegally, while those who secure legal parking are often faced with broken parking meters.

What the parking experience in Cyprus looks like right now

Its morning rush hour and
you leave home for work

You drive around in circles
looking for a parking spot

You are very late for work
and park illegally

What the parking experience will look like with uPark

Wake up and enjoy your
morning coffee

Open uPark, select, reserve,
and pay for your parking

Arrive to work on time and start
your day on a good note


A single mobile app to manage all your parking needs as a driver

The uPark mobile application is a one-of-a-kind app in Cyprus that grants every citizen of Cyprus direct access to every smart parking we install. Using this application, each driver will be able to:

Are you interested in the uPark mobile app?

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