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Smart technology for smarter parking

Designed and built with funding from the European Union Horizon Project, the technology that fuels uPark has already been tested and adopted by many Smart Cities worldwide.

Easy Installation

Low Power Consumption

Low Maintenance

A digital ecosystem that simplifies the entire parking experience

The uPark solution improves the experience of parking owners/operators and individual drivers. Each parking spot is converted to digital using highly efficient and smart sensors, which feed real-time data on parking occupancy, duration, and payments to our central database.

What you will need to make your parking smarter

uPark smart parking solution is extremely easy to install and maintain and both aspects are handled entirely by our dedicated teams. Our solution only requires one critical device (smart sensor) and your access to City Portal to function. The smart permit card is optional and grants a deeper level of control to parking operators who wish to identify each driver identity for parking violations and fines. 


Detects the presence, duration, and absence of a parked vehicle

The smart sensor is one of the most critical components required for our solution to work. Each sensor is installed undersurface of each parking spot by our team and acts as the primary data collection device, enabling the overall parking management on our platform.


Acts as the vehicle identifier and records who parks where & when

The IoT Permit Card is an optional device that is easily applied to the vehicle windshield. It helps identify the vehicle ownership details and, once close to the parking sensor, provides information about who is parking where above what sensor and for how long.


A central web-app that consolidates all data and offers remote parking management

uPark City Portal app is designed to process and consolidate all of the data supplied by the smart sensors. It offers a centralized platform for parking operators, individual drivers, and law enforcement officers to manage, use and monitor the parking.

Enhance your smart parking further with our Guidance Signage

The equipment used to power uPark is fully certified per highest industry standards

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