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Addressing Parking challenges in Cyprus

Transform conventional parking into a digital ecosystem with our comprehensive solution. Enhance revenue streams, elevate the driver experience, and contribute to emission reduction on a global scale.

We conducted on-site assessments of 908 parking spaces in Limassol, Cyprus, revealing the following insights:

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The citizens perspective on parking management in Cyprus

By 2050, 66% of the population will be residing in urban areas.

Additionally to this urbanization trend, a 2021 Eurostat report identified Cyprus as the 3rd highest in car ownership across Europe, with 645 cars per thousand inhabitants.

As traffic volumes continue to surge, the consequences of inadequate planning and miscalculations in parking infrastructure are already evident in Cyprus’ major cities. Given the expected growth, proactive measures are imperative today to prevent further escalation of these challenges.

uPark address this challenge by transitioning Cyprus parking from analog to digital

Our comprehensive solution leverages cutting-edge IoT technology, providing a seamless platform to digitally manage both private and public parking spaces through real-time data

Real-time data

Fully digital parking management and monitoring system

Fully autonomous

Fully automated operation without the need for onsite personnel

Automated payments

Improved accuracy and payment collection from drivers

Violation monitoring

Immediate violation notifications and optional fine payments

Improved occupancy

Increased occupancy due to improved driver experience

Reduced emissions

Reduce emissions generated during the search for parking

We derive societal benefits from our digital parking solution through five distinct perspectives:


Simple installation, low maintenance, maximum impact

To get the most out of uPark, you only require two physical devices and access to our web-based platform – City Portal. The first device, Smart Sensor, is installed on every individual parking spot. The second device (optional), Permit Card, is placed into the driver’s vehicle. That’s it. Once installed, you can enjoy the new digital parking management experience. 

Smart Sensor

Permit Card

City Portal

Still unsure that uPark is the way to go?

Take a look at some of the world’s largest brands leveraging this technology to make their City parking smarter

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